About Us

The Beginnings

Opening Doors Foundation Ltd, a not-for-profit entity, originated in 1951 through the generosity of Mr E.V. Roberts, who owned the local radio station, 2WG, in Wagga Wagga. Mr Roberts purchased 18.5 acres of land in Bourke St, Wagga Wagga and gifted the land to the to the 2WG Women’s Club.

The Women’s Club identified there was a need in the community to provide accommodation for aged persons who were financially disadvantaged. At the time there were no aged care services and very little public housing in the community, so they set about fundraising for the development of independent living units for the aged through the establishment of the 2WG Old Peoples’ Home Trust Inc. With the assistance of government grants and community donations the independent living units were established in 1955.

Over time the organisation expanded, providing residential aged care and community aged care to the communities of Wagga Wagga and surrounding districts. The organisation had several name changes and eventually become known as The Haven.

Eventually, the residential aged care and community aged care business units became the primary operations of the organisation, receiving significant recurrent government funding. However, at the heart of the organisation were the independent living units providing housing for financially and socially disadvantaged aged person who still wanted to live independently. Eventually, early in 2018 the Board undertook a strategic review and made the decision to sell off the residential and community aged care services and to return to the organisation’s origin and concentrate on housing for those in need. The Haven became known as Opening Doors Foundation Ltd.

Where we are now

Opening Doors Foundation is now focusing on providing affordable seniors housing and disability housing on a rental basis for Wagga Wagga and the smaller communities in surrounding districts

We know our plan will work, we have researched and identified the need and we have done it before at The Haven. We are a not for profit and we are doing this without any recurrent government funding.

Just like the 2WG Women’s Club we cannot wait to see the first stone turned on our Pinaroo Drive Project.

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